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Last night we enjoyed the dark choc pretzel flavour and my gosh, I could not rave about these enough!! The chocoalte, combined with the sea salt and pretzel made for a gooey and caramel like taste that we absolutly LOVED! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Monique D

Cookies were excellent! Salt and chocolate levels are perfect for me. Sizing is good (big enough to feel satisfied, but small enough to feel like you could eat more). Very clear instructions.

Andrea R


Emma S

These are insane, so good! YUM! Housemates rated them too.

Gabby J

Okay so all flavours were yummy !!! My fav was the cookies and cream (no surprises there), then the Anzac biscuit and caramel and then the miso one. Don't think the miso was necessarily too strong just a different flavour, so FUN!

Tamsen K

PB Miso was better than sex.

Molly B